Corporate Security Solutions


In today’s modern world, business leaders and executives are high risk targets for all sorts of crimes, especially when traveling abroad.

At A2D, the security and well-being of our corporate clients is of paramount importance to us.

Security risks can include:

Home Invasion – Mugging – Stalking – Kidnapping – Industrial Espionage, Terrorist Attacks, Arrest, Cyber Attacks (Phishing, Ransomware & Identity Theft), Loss of Passport & Natural Disasters.

To Protect you, A2D ensures your individual privacy and security requirements take precedence, but do not compromise your quality of life.

By seamlessly integrating security into your lifestyle, we enable you to lead a balanced, safe and secure life.

Working in partnership with the best security and risk management consultants, A2D provides corporate security solutions as diverse as our corporate client needs.


Our Security solutions include:

– Crisis Management

– Cyber Information Security

– Special Risk Consulting

– VIP Close Protection

– Personal Security Drivers

– Overseas Travel Planning & Assistance

– Kidnap & Ransom Consulting

– Residential, Office & Estate Security

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.